ILWU Local 9

An Injury to One is an Injury to All

Local 9 Executive Board Meeting

Oct 282015

Local 9 Executive Board and Members Meeting will be on November 13, and will be held at the Des Moines library.

Executive Board: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Members: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Des Moines Library
21620 11th Ave S
Des Moines, WA 98198

Local 9 Updates

Aug 072015

Local 9 is making major changes with our internal operations.  We are getting new software called UnionWare.  With this software we are changing on how we handle our union dues, pay union dues and how we managed personal profiles.  Our members will be able to go onto member link use a password to sign on and look at there personal profile to check dues payments when they paid and if they want, make dues payments through this system or just to look at your personal information. 

There is so much more that this system can do. If your interested and want to learn more about it just google UnionWare and read what it is capable of doing.

Start checking your personal groups messages on updates of what is going on with our Union.

Please fill free to ask me questions. This is still a work in progress of making this union stronger and I need input from our members in order for you to give me direction of what you want out of this union.


Michael Pavelic





The March against Sakuma Farms

Jul 132015

July 11th 2015, The ILWU and IBU unions March in Support for the farm workers in Burlington, Washington to support the Familias Unidas Por La Justicia union. In English it means Family's United for Justice.  

The ILWU international at the Longshore convention passed a resolution to support the workers from this union and to boycott the buying of the berries that comes from this farm. These farmers live in horrible living conditions and there pay is below minimum wage and they have kids at the age of 12 working in this abusive environment.  

Sakuma Farms sells themselves as a family owned business but the truth is that they are owned by Driscoll's corporation. They sell the berries at Safeway and Costco stores the berries are also in Haagen-Daz ice cream.

We have a picture at the March and we broke out the old local 9 banner. This union is starting to feel like it is coming out and being recognized again and we are going to keep working hard to build this union that stands for something and we will continue to fight and support for our beliefs and make our membership proud of what and who we are and who we are going to be.

Solidarity to Local 9,

Michael Pavelic

Business Agent




ILWU Local 4 and United Grain reach Tentative Agreement

Aug 122014

This is what Political Action is all about. The Lockout of Local 4 with United Grain went on for two years. I been preaching how important this is for local 9 to be involved with Politics.

My reasons for this is to strengthen our relationships with our fellow Union Brother and Sisters and we need to be unified as a group and recognized that we must support all ILWU members.

And as the saying goes and injury to one is and injury to all.  I cannot stress enough how vital that is in order for us to be stronger in larger numbers.

It is the goal of Corporations to dismantle the unions and you can see with our government how much they support corporate needs and the war is on to destroy us.

There are Anti Union bills being proposed in large numbers in Olympia and a strong push to find the right candidates that will help this cause. At the bargaining table we are losing major battles with trying to get higher pay and good benefits packages for our fellow union brother and sisters and to maintain good cost of living jobs.

We must act and be engaged in order for us to be strong again in many areas and this is going to take time for local 9 considering the Position we were put in when I took over as business agent of this local.

The tentative agreement made national attention because of its intentions of United Grain to break the ILWU union. This is a victory to all ILWU unions and it sends a message to Washington that we will not bow down and we will fight for our members and this will only unify us to be stronger.

We now as ILWU members can share this moment for our fellow union brothers and sisters of local 4 going back to work so they can support there families and we can appreciate the battles that were fought that made us closer and realize what we accomplished and that I am very proud of.

I salute all ILWU members and the lessons learned from this Victory....

Tentative Agreement Northwest Grain Handlers

Statement from Gov. Inslee regarding news of labor agreement between ILWU and UGC

August 12, 2014

 "Late last night representatives from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Northwest Grain Companies reached a tentative labor agreement that brings an 18-month dispute to a welcome close. This is outstanding news for grain growers across Washington, for our grain customers overseas, and for the hundreds of ILWU workers who will now be back on the job.

 "United Grain Company has been notified that state grain inspectors will resume inspections immediately.

 "I thank the Pacific Northwest Grain Companies and ILWU for coming back to the table in time to ensure export shipments will allow our growers to ship their world-class grain products in time for peak harvest. And I also want to acknowledge the ongoing professionalism of Agriculture Director Bud Hover and his state grain inspectors during these difficult times. Though this has been a challenging time for everyone involved, I'm proud of their hard work and commitment to serving our growers and supporting one of Washington's top industries."


Michael Pavelic