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ILWU Political Action Fund

Aug 052014

For Members Interested in donating to the International Political Action Fund, this helps support putting into office the right people that support our Union causes.

Willie Adams spends a lot of time meeting with Political Figures and our Fellow Union Brother and Sisters to help support the ILWU and to keep us strong as a whole.

I encourage our members to become more Politically involved this will help benefit us in the future. 


ILWU Political Action Fund

The ILWU supports the operation of the ILWU Political Action Fund (the “ILWU PAF”) as authorized by, and in accordance with, federal law. ILWU PAF funds are used to make contributions to candidates for federal office. Under applicable law, participation in the ILWU PAF is limited to only ILWU members, executive and administrative personnel, and their families. Contributions received from any other person will be returned to the donor. ILWU members desiring additional information on their eligibility to participate or about the activities of the ILWU PAF may contact the Russ Bargmann at 415-775-0533, or Russ.Bargmann [at]



Michael Pavelic



United Grain Lockout of I.L.W.U. Local 4

Aug 052014

Attn: Local 9 members,

Here is one thing as a Business Agent that Local 9 is apart of and very proud to be apart of. As a member of the Puget Sound District Council (PSDC) we been trying to help end the Lockout of our fellow Longshoremen members in Vancouver, Washington.

Local 4 members have been lockout for a year and a half from there jobs by Mitsui Corporation a Japanese owned company.  

Washington state taxpayers invested around 500 million towards the United Grain Operation and the Mitsui Corporation which owns United Grain lockout these members with hopes of breaking the Union.  

From the beginning of this lockout the Vancouver City Police department was escorting the Grain Inspectors across the Picket Lines which was costing the City of Vancouver,WA police department so much money in overtime that it went past the money that was budgeted for that department.  

From that point Governor Inslee sent the State Highway Patrol in to escort the grain inspectors across the picket lines which now was costing the Washington State taxpayers $28,000 a month to finance this operation.

We had numerous meetings with Gov. Inslee and other fellow Legislators in Olympia to pushed to stop these Inspectors from crossing the Picket lines in order for United Grain to come back to the table to bargain and end to this lockout. 

This has been going on since the beginning of the Lockout. After a year and half United Grain refused to come back and bargain with these members in good faith. Finally, Gov. Inslee ended the escorting of the State Highway Patrolmen of the grain inspectors.

The Mitsui Corporation was simply using the Washington state taxpayers and our fellow elected officials to help them break our fellow Union brothers and sisters against these American workers.  

This was a major victory for the I.L.W.U. Local 4 and all longshoremen as a whole. This now forces the hand of United Grain to come back and negotiate.  Since the Governor ended this operation the backlash from this went to the Groups which absolutely hate Unions such as Seattle Times and the Deputy Majority Leader of the Washington State Senate Republican Caucus 17th Legislative District.

Down below are two things I want you to read. First, there is a link from WSLC Jeff Johnson talking about the lockout and the Seattle Times for blasting the Governor for ending the escorts. Secondly, is a letter to the State Legislators from Sen. Benton.

I want you to see how important it is for us to pay attention to the people we put in office. For me you can't get anymore Anti-American than this and I am absolutely appalled by these elected officials that only care for the Corporations and not its people these people do not work for your best interest only there owned and we must vote these people out of office before it affects our jobs here in Washington State.

United Grain Lockout Article

Letter from Senator Benton, this is all lies none of these things happen they are only trying to do whatever it takes to destroy the Unions:


Fellow Legislators,

I want to bring you up-to-date on a situation in Vancouver, WA that should be of interest to every member of the Legislature.

United Grain Corporation operates a grain export facility at the Port of Vancouver. For a year and a half, United Grain Corporation and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) have been in a labor contract dispute where, as a result of employee sabotage, the corporation has locked the union out of the facility. Until recently, the corporation has continued to operate using non-union employees.

Union picketers have allegedly threatened state grain inspectors entering the facility. In response, the Washington State Patrol has been providing escorts for grain inspectors entering the facility for the past eight months. But Governor Jay Inslee recently ordered the WSP to stop providing security for the state grain inspectors. As a result, state grain inspectors have not entered the facility since July 7, 2014, and United Grain Corporation has been forced to halt operation.

Governor Inslee's office has publicly stated that the WSP security escorts were ended because the Governor did not believe they were helping the corporation and union negotiate. He hopes his action will bring both parties back to the negotiation table.

By removing the security escort, however, Governor Inslee is effectively forcing a private corporation to shut down until it negotiates with its union. United Grain Corporation has offered to pay for county or state law enforcement to escort the state grain inspectors. It has offered to pay for private security for the grain inspectors. It has even offered to fly the inspectors into the facility by helicopter. All of these offers have been rejected. Without a security escort, state grain inspectors will not enter the facility for fear of bodily harm. Without inspections, United Grain Corporation cannot export its product.

By denying grain inspectors the security they need to do their job, Governor Inslee is conveying to labor unions across our state that violence towards third parties (in this case, the grain inspectors) is an acceptable and effective method of labor negotiation. Furthermore, he is denying a company the right to operate unless it comes to an agreement with its union. This is just wrong and is an abuse of executive power.

To learn more about this situation, I urge you to listen to the following interview between WSDA spokesman Hector Castro and talk show host Lars Larson:



Deputy Majority Leader

Washington State Senate Republican Caucus

17th Legislative District

Phone: 360.786.7632

Business Agent

Jul 162014

On our website, I want to use this for a variety of things.

1. If a individual or group of members needs to meet with the Business Agent for any reasons please contact me thru our website or call. You can email me at the messages are sent directly to my phone where I can receive them 24 hours a day. 

I will always be available for our members.  Remember I am only a part time agent but that does not really matter to me, I feel this is a 24 hour a day job and I treat it as such.

2.  We can use Photos and Videos on this site if there is something that you want to share with the group please send me what you have and your information and I will Post it.

3. I want to share with our members any family illnesses such as deaths,sickness or something that a member would like to share with the group about there children or family members. We can use this site to raise money to donate for any reasons that a member deems important to them. We are a family, we are around each other more than we are at home so why not make it that way.

4. Please use your imaginations and what ever you can think about on this website lets make it happen and as time goes by this will evolved into something special. 


Michael Pavelic

Business Agent / Secretary Treasurer Local 9 

WeWork Community

Jul 092014

Today I was checking into downsizing our office and lowering some of our expenses and I found the WeWork Community in South Lake Union.  Our rent at the labor temple is $1095.00 and it will be going up again at the end of the year. They have a one room office that goes for $600.00 and Parking for $300.00 it was very nice here. Check out some of the Pictures of todays visit.