ILWU Local 9

An Injury to One is an Injury to All

The March against Sakuma Farms

Jul 132015

July 11th 2015, The ILWU and IBU unions March in Support for the farm workers in Burlington, Washington to support the Familias Unidas Por La Justicia union. In English it means Family's United for Justice.  

The ILWU international at the Longshore convention passed a resolution to support the workers from this union and to boycott the buying of the berries that comes from this farm. These farmers live in horrible living conditions and there pay is below minimum wage and they have kids at the age of 12 working in this abusive environment.  

Sakuma Farms sells themselves as a family owned business but the truth is that they are owned by Driscoll's corporation. They sell the berries at Safeway and Costco stores the berries are also in Haagen-Daz ice cream.

We have a picture at the March and we broke out the old local 9 banner. This union is starting to feel like it is coming out and being recognized again and we are going to keep working hard to build this union that stands for something and we will continue to fight and support for our beliefs and make our membership proud of what and who we are and who we are going to be.

Solidarity to Local 9,

Michael Pavelic

Business Agent