ILWU Local 9

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Local 9 Updates

Aug 072015

Local 9 is making major changes with our internal operations.  We are getting new software called UnionWare.  With this software we are changing on how we handle our union dues, pay union dues and how we managed personal profiles.  Our members will be able to go onto member link use a password to sign on and look at there personal profile to check dues payments when they paid and if they want, make dues payments through this system or just to look at your personal information. 

There is so much more that this system can do. If your interested and want to learn more about it just google UnionWare and read what it is capable of doing.

Start checking your personal groups messages on updates of what is going on with our Union.

Please fill free to ask me questions. This is still a work in progress of making this union stronger and I need input from our members in order for you to give me direction of what you want out of this union.


Michael Pavelic